Month: January 2021

A building with the words sba 5 0 4 loan-commercial equipment purchase & renovation.

504 Loan with SomerCor Sets Up Obscurity Brewing and Craft Mead for Success

Company Profile The founders of Obscurity Brewing and Craft Mead have been brewing, producing mead,...
A man standing in front of an industrial boiler.

Wolf Point Distilling: SBIF Supports Start-Up Spirits Manufacturer

Company Profile Established in 2017, Wolf Point Distilling is a craft distillery located in the...
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January 2021 SBA 504 Effective Interest Rates

The January 2021 SBA 504 debenture pricing was competed on January 7, 2021. 25 Year...
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Ink Factory Uses SBA 504 Loan to Make Their Business Vision a Reality

Company Profile In 2011, Dusty Folwarczny, Lindsay Roffe, and Ryan Robinson co-founded Ink Factory with the mission...