Get to Know the SomerCor Board of Directors: Jim Bruno

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your professional experience:

I serve as a Vice President, Area Manager in Business Banking at JPMorgan Chase. In this role I manage a team of Relationship Managers that work with small business owners. The team’s primary objective is to help them protect and grow their companies. Typically these firms have revenues of $1MM – $50MM.

My mission is to understand the business model along with the opportunities and threats facing my clients. I also oversee the process of delivering the appropriate world-class, treasury, F/X and credit products that JPMorgan Chase has to offer. Helping small companies derive business value from these products is top of mind each day.

Prior to joining JPM, I spent several years as a portfolio manager with a Fortune 500 financial services firm. In this role, I held P&L responsibility for a line of business in excess of $800,000,000. It was during these years that I developed his operational expertise as well as the ability to structure transactions strategically.

Why were you interested in serving on the SomerCor Board:

I believe in the SBA mission and am passionate about helping small business owners access capital. Helping owners grow their business drives opportunity for individuals, communities and our economy. I wanted to be a part of a team that is having an impact on that.

What are your goals for SomerCor’s growth and our impact on small businesses:

I expect we will continue to grow our customer base in all communities. Some neighborhoods have been left behind. Lack of opportunity leads to negative outcomes for all Chicagoans. I’d like for us to continue to find new ways to serve these folks.

About SomerCor

The SomerCor mission is to grow businesses, create jobs, and increase impactful investment in every community through the SBA 504 loan program and other financing and grant initiatives. SomerCor serves the entire state of Illinois and Kenosha and Rock counties in Wisconsin.