Company Profile

Upton’s Naturals is an independently owned natural foods company. The product line focuses on meat alternatives, and is available at Whole Foods, Jewel, Target, Walmart and in other stores with vegan products here and abroad.

After progressive expansion, Upton’s outgrew its West Town location, which supported production, corporate offices and a restaurant. In 2018, company founder, Daniel Staackmann, and his team upgraded to a 42,000 square foot space in the Austin neighborhood. The massive increase in capacity and product demand lead to the addition of 40 jobs over a two year period.

SBIF Grant Impact (Galewood/Armitage)

For Staackman, remaining in Chicago is a top priority. The new facility, which houses production and office space, is an ideal fit because it previously served as production facility and required less retrofitting for operations.

Staackman utilized the SBIF grant primarily for the installation of a 2000 square foot industrial grade cooler system, the framing and drywall of new office space and plant security systems.

Upton’s Naturals is Open for Business!

Upton’s Naturals is up and running producing all-natural meat alternative options. Plus, they also operate Upton’s Breakroom and Liberation Donuts (Chicago’s first vegan-owned donut shop). Learn more about their offerings at

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